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Timing Pulley Designer

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The Timing Pulley Designer is software that is designed to generate G-Code for cutting timing pulleys on a mill with a 4th axis. At this time, the Designer ships with pre-configured profiles for the following pulley types:


but is configurable so that you can add any trapezoidal tooth profile you need.

Some features of the application include:

  •     End Mills are Fully Configurable
  •     Gear specs are Fully Configurable
  •     G-Code output can be tailored
  •     All machining can be done with a standard end-mill

Principle of Operation
The G-Code that gets generated cuts the gear by :

1) Rotating the gear 360/# teeth and cutting the land between each tooth
2) Determining the proper rotation and Y/Zcutter position to place each tooth such that the proper angle can be cut by milling the left side of the tooth at 90 degrees to the X/Y plane (see image)
3) Repeating step 2 for the right side of the tooth


Browse the help file HERE




Once you have paid for your order, you may log into your account and navigate to My Account->My Downloadable Products to download the installation file.

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